Build Your Immune System

As we age our immune system grows weaker. There is a connection between nutrition and immunity as we age. Known as micronutrient malnutrition we become deficient in some essential vitamins and essential proteins and trace minerals. Some people tend to eat less and have less verity in their diet. We need good regular nourishment . Even stress plays a roll in our immunity system . Lack of sleep hinders a good immune system. Not enough time out side in the fresh air and sunshine hinders our immune system. Keep warm while out side bundle up in layers and keep your neck warm. A weak immune system contributes to cancer, respiratory infections, ability to fight disease. A healthy immune system needs good nutrition to build on. You need fruits and vegetables, trace minerals , vitamins, essential amino acids, example , zinc, copper, magnesium, folic acid, vitamins A, D3, B6, B12, C, E, olive oil, cinnamon, garlic, iron, licorice root helps the respiratory, beet root and olive leaf help circulation, CQ10 heart health, Breathing big deep breathes lowers blood pressure and ensures adequate oxygen to our brain and blood. Get adequate exercise and sleep and get that blood moving, walking , and diet, improve the immune system and over all healthy life style. We want our immune system optimal to fight influenza, pneumonia, respiratory infection, and covid19, We can do this with our belief in Jesus and a healthy life that creates longevity . be healthy and physically fit as we age. Thank you and read my other articles on breathing, diet, exercise, essential amino acids, NAD, and hydronated water .

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