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Deep breathing exercises lower blood pressure

              High blood pressure is an epidemic in our world today! What causes high blood pressure? Well, many things, like stress, work, pollution, traffic, family, and sitting at a desk all day are part of many things that contribute to high blood pressure . Shallow breathing, slows oxygen intake that we need to move blood through our arteries and oxygen to our brains. Then there is processed food and sugar and fast food and carbohydrates that make us overweight.   What can we do “naturally” to lower our blood pressure?  If you are on meds stay there till the doctor removes them and discuss what you are going to do, no, they will not like it because pushing pharmaceuticals is what they are taught, not how to heal the actual problem, yes I have been there, nothing worked for me! Lots of personal research, trying different things, finally found what worked for me and no meds, no brain fog or side effects from pharma. lots of things can be used to lower blood pressure like cinnamon, olive leaf, olive oil, nitric oxide, apple cider vinegar,  beets, beet drinks,and Hibiscus tea, essential amino acids, a keto diet that burns fat so you don’t need carbohydrates that rob your body of energy.  Breathing. You take shallow breaths not really thinking about it. Set there and feel how you are breathing right now, short shallow breaths, right, yes it is what we do, it is not right but it happens. Set up straight and through your nose take a breath, a deep breath, feel your chest/abdominal/diaphragm expand, you can almost feel it to the top of your oxygen-starved brain, feels good, we get in a bad habit of shallow breathing, exhale, now take another till you have done this five times. Ok, now let’s do this a bit differently. Inhale through your nose  counting One, two, three, four five and hold one, two, three, four, five exhale through your mouth  slowly one two, three, four, five. done. Does it remind you of a cigaret smoker, its what they do and why they seem calm after a cigarette, its meditation, pulling that air in fills our blood with oxygen, feeding the brain. You see so many older people carrying oxygen, why, because they have forgotten how to breathe the root of the problem, and it’s not being addressed, just like meds, you are only feeding the problem not fixing the problem, so learn again how to breathe. Do this twice every day and also when your blood pressure is high and you will lower your readings and lower your heart rate too! For better sleep just before laying down, set on the beds edge ,set up straight and breathe through your nose, mouth closed, inhale slowly through the nostrils, slowly expel the air from your lungs, until you need to inhale again, repeat five times then you are ready for a good nights sleep.  These breathing exercises help curb asthma attacks and sleep apnea, hypertension , balancing the body’s oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, make this a daily habit. Couple this with a proper diet and exercise and essential amino acids, cinnamon, olive leaf, olive oil, beets or beet drinks, nitric oxide, vitamin C, garlic soft gels, and for great respiratory lung health add in Licorice root to your supplements,  you will find licorice root beneficial in gut health and reducing nausea, stomach pain  and heart burn , may help treat hepatitis C for liver health , may treat skin inflammation and infections , eczema ,stomach ulcers , you can get in pill form , a tea, liquid, or just chew the root, Web MD has some great reviews on licorice root. Remember, Breath, and you should see great results. thank you.

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