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How can I lower my blood pressure natually

Today, most people we know struggle with high blood pressure, I was no exception. I want to discuss with you how we can lower your blood pressure naturally. This can be done without costly medications, by using Nature and Science. Lots of things form what you need to lower your blood pressure from being active to supplements to a tea to drink. They all come together to create a foundation that will impress you. It took me years but I will teach you how to do it in months. On my site, you will see I talk about Breathing , supplements from essential amino acids and the best Nitric Oxide to boost blood flow and aurtery wall elasticity and we can use vitamin C and garlic soft gels and cinnamon and olive oil and olive leaf  and a tea to drink (hibiscus) before bed that will give you great results. Licorice root for raspatory health and gut health. I need  to say here if you take olive leaf do not take an aspirin because you blood will be to thin, olive leaf helps move blood through the arteries smoothly just like an aspirin so you are doubling the effects, I know this from experience as you can not stop the bleeding and you get a trip to the ER, so just olive leaf, ok.  I also keep my body in an alkaline state by drinking from a water bottle that creates alkaline hydrogenated water, this also helps lower blood pressure and wards off cancer as cancer cannot live in an alkaline body.  I am not a doctor but these supplements have relieved me of costly medication that did not get me the desired results to an all-time low BP reading. You see I averaged 165 for many years and even with med’s I only got 135 at best, so I went another route and researched and tried different combos till one day I woke up and I read 125 with a resting heart rate of 52, now  today setting here in front of the computer I have a resting heart rate of 56, blood oxygen of 98, blood pressure of 110/72 . something else is I took up was  walking 5 miles a day with my two dogs. This is what I tribute to my great health and being able to do things that most count you out as you get older. Last year I hiked Macho Picchu a four-day hike. The oldest in this group when I showed up was probably 35, maybe! I know that they looked at me and thought, oh great an “old” person! By the second day, they thought different and even the guide was asking how I stayed in such great shape. I told him I do a Keto diet which I had to explain and take certain supplements and I walk, ski, bike, and stair-step and I have a mountain at my back yard that I go straight up to the top to train my legs. Legs you see are your foundation, I always hated legs, preferring as a bodybuilder to train my upper body the most, but as we age the legs become the most important, great legs will keep you away from that walker or wheelchair. Learning to breath deep breaths and not short shallow breaths will also aide in lower BP and dilated arteries.  So I also find great shoes are very important for your feet as we hike, I will recommend a few. I have a whole closet full, from experimenting until I find what works. I not going to get into shoes here but shoes are so important for proper body alignment and insoles for ankle support. You will find all these things on my site!  Please enjoy and commit and if I can help!

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